• Living alongside nature with immediate access to a vast, intact, and iconic western landscape
  • Conserving wilderness and restoring natural ecosystems and native habitats for future generations
  • Ranching for sustainable land, livestock, and agricultural outcomes
  • Resourcing to ensure a positive environmental and economic return on investment

The High Lonesome Ranch (HLR) is a private conservation organization anchored by a national-park-scale ranch in Western Colorado. Founded over 20 years ago by Texas conservationist Paul R. Vahldiek, Jr., HLR’s acreage and mission have grown to address the challenges of managing a public and private landscape for multiple use outcomes – living, conserving, ranching and resourcing – in a rapidly changing world in which:

  • Large national parks are important for protection and preservation of wildlife but they are islands of conservation without a strategy for connection or integrating human use.
  • Healthy, large-scale habitat corridors are being fragmented or lost due to growing human incursion and climate volatility.
  • Overuse and poor management of land and streams have caused water tables to drop, once-fertile valleys to dry up, hydrological cycles to change, and diversity to diminish.

The High Lonesome Ranch is pioneering multiple strategies to reverse these trends –recognizing that the vast majority of US land is in private ownership, and private property owners are a key component to linking conserved public lands and managing for conservation outcomes.

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